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What to expect in your osteopathy session

Osteopath treating the lower back

Today, I’m going to talk about what to expect during an osteopathy session in Best Osteopathy.In general, Manual Osteopathy is a hands-on practice and its goal is to restore balance to the body. The journey starts when you book your appointment and take some time before you attend the session to fill out the intake form. Intake form consists of in-depth review of systems with history of previous traumas and surgeries. It is important to fill it out beforehand as this will save some time during the session. It also gives us a better overview of your chief complaint and therapeutic goals. After meet and great and taking the informed consent, Osteopathic manual practitioner, start to assess you on the aspects that you may have some imbalances including , but not limited to, gate, different joints range of motion, orthopedics examinations and osteopathic assessment. As we measure range of motion in our assessments, It is advised to wear comfortable clothes. Based on the our assessment and information that you provided in the intake form, we discuss your treatment options and devise a therapeutic plan to address your health concerns.

With your consent, we start the treatment which is consists of different joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, cranial sacral manipulations and visceral manipulations. Most of the session would be hands on and the amount of pressure that we use is variable to address the problem while considering your convenience.

Also it is worth to mention that, in general, We do have five grades of joint mobilization which first to fourth is within the normal range of motion of the joint and fifth is going beyond the range of motion. Fifth grade is where you usually hear the cracking sound and it happen in chiropractic sessions. In Manual Osteopathy, we use gentle force to stay in the range of motion limits.

After a gentle, hands-on osteopathy session and discussing the follow ups, you will leave the clinic with better posture and less pain.

While our goal is to help you to bring the balance to your body, in order to keep that balance you need muscles. Unfortunately, muscles won’t be built overnight and this is why therapeutic exercise are as important as manual therapy. In order to save the time of the session, I use an online platform to provide you with the exercise program that is crucial to maintain your balance. This at-home exercise program would be Simple, effective and based on your assessment and to address your structural problems. As most of the session is hands-on you may have some soreness especially in the first 24 hours of the session but it is transient and you will have more flexibility and overall sense of wellbeing in the upcoming days. It is important to rehydrate yourself, rest and after 24 hours you could start doing the exercises. By the end of the day you will get a two emails from me. One is a recap of the session that we had and the other contain a code that you need to login to your exercise program. It is advised to do that till you attend your follow up session. Here in Best Osteopathy, we do our best to provide a safe and comforting environment. We also would be happy if you share your experience of your osteopathy session with others by writing us a review on google. If you have any question you could contact us or book a complementary consultation in any of our locations in Yaletown (glowellnesscenter) and New Westminster (nwmt).

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