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World Osteopathy day

From the moment that Dr. still studied the ancient way of healing that Indians were using and founded Osteopathy to this moment, many people recovered from their pain thanks to this. From joint mobilization to muscle energy techniques, craniosacral and visceral manipulations, all help our body to restore its natural status. An Osteopathic manual practitioner assess the patient’s status, posture, gait. After a through assessment he choose a combination of mentioned above techniques in order to address the structural abnormalities. Although it is highly unlikely, patient might experience a transient deterioration of the symptoms right after osteopathy session. The moment body starts to heal itself all the discomfort would fade away.

It is more than 130 years that we are blessed to know about osteopathy. Practitioners all around the world using manual osteopathic technique. They help individuals conquer chronic pain and elevate the quality of life of the patients. Surprisingly until recently there has been no day dedicated to manual osteopathy to publicize about the benefits and wonders of this profession. Maybe practitioners were so busy helping patients that they forget to tell the world about this beautiful art.

The situation changed about a decade ago. My mentor Dr. Shawn Pourgol founder of National Academy of Osteopathy assigned June 22nd as ”World Osteopathy Day”. Osteopathy does wonders and now it has it’s own day! Everyone deserves access to manual osteopathy services. As an osteopathic manual practitioner, I have this moral duty to increase awareness about this profession. I believe it could help many people suffering from chronic pain. We all have to take advantage of this opportunity to show the world benefits of this minimally invasive, gentle, holistic approach. By using these techniques demand for the painkillers would decrease and our bodies have this opportunity to regain its balance in a natural way.

At last I want to thank all the pioneers and giants that helped to create, preserve, improve and teach osteopathy. Their efforts leads to the evolution of this ancient wisdom to today’s science that could be taught so we all could learn it and treat people who are in pain. Happy World Osteopathy Day everyone!

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