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why do I need Craniosacral therapy?

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A women dealing with stressful situation

Although Modern lifestyle comes with its own perks, sometimes the high level of stress is an inevitable consequence. We might use different ways to overcome this stress. What if someone tells you some of this anxiety, stress and mode changes might have bodily components. I am not talking about hormonal imbalances -that we all know could definitely be a cause in these situations- but talking about one of our innate mechanisms; primary respiratory mechanism.

The primary respiratory mechanism starts when we are a fetus. It helps cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to circulate in our central nervous system (CNS). While our body tries to endures stresses and strains on a daily basis. These changes may cause body tissues to tighten and distort the central nervous system, these distortions can then cause tension resulting in restrictions which create a barrier to the healthy performance of CNS. In some cases this circulation mechanism impaired due to some traumas, dental surgeries too. It causes some neurologic and in some cases behavioural symptoms. The essence of the Craniosacral therapy (CST) with its holistic approach and its gentle touch is to bring things back to normal. It is believed that by gentle manipulation of the skull bones, spine and pelvis the flow of CSF could be normalized. When the pathology treated symptoms would fade away.

It would help with migraines and headaches, neck pain, TMJ problems. People suffering from mood disorders, insomnia and sleep problems could also use CST. It might deteriorate some symptoms in the first 24 hours right after the session and therapeutic effects start afterwards. CST is not recommend a small groups of clients. Any pathology that increases the intracranial pressure is a contraindication. Some of these situations are severe bleeding disorders, diagnosed aneurysm, recent traumatic head injuries due to the increased risk of cranial bleeding or skull fractures.

Remember stress is a vicious cycle. It deteriorates the flow of CSF in CNS and flawed flow causes more mood changes and stress. CST is here to help to break this cycle. We are here to help!

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