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what is OSTEOPATHY? 

Founded 150 years ago by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Osteopathy teaches us that body is a self-healing unit with a close correlation between structure and function and in order to recover functionality, one should fix structure. Osteopathic techniques enable body to recover itself in a natural way. It has been shown through research that osteopathy is the best option for chronic back pain. It will help you to reach your maximal range of motion, while enjoying a pain-free life.

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H. Chenerri

“When it comes to healing, Mehrbod makes it happen! I recently had a back pain treatment which helped me heal an old back discomfort that I was holding on to for years. he, lead me through a therapeutic session, and helped me feel better after a few sessions. After the treatment, I felt as if a heavy presence was removed from back. It was a great feeling!”

R. H.

“Given the opportunity of trying out an osteopath for my body pain, seeing ‘Seyed’ has given me new hope. His sincere teaching and ability to assess body dynamics gives him a proud and humble inner self worth to be proud of, and makes the client see how he enjoys his profession. Continue on, in believing in yourself and make the world that much better with your methods of teaching, learning, and healing our body’s pain we go through.”

Tomoko T.
“My sessions with Mehrbod have been a life-changing experience. I went to see him because of my back pain but I also suffered from chronic neck pain. After only a couple of sessions, I noticed significant and meaningful improvements which have been lasting. Aside from his forward thinking on healing practices, what separates him from every other practitioner (and I have seen numerous of them during the last thirty years) is the thoughtful approach he takes in skillfully addressing your health issues. The calibre of his treatments convey his breadth of knowledge, life experience, and sense of compassion. As other reviewers have stated, he truly has a genuine interest in your healing process, and I am wholeheartedly grateful to Mehrbod for helping me live a pain free life! I would highly recommend him to everyone”

I can only recommend this place. My sessions with Mehrbod were great and brought me relief. He is very knowledgeable and also do the viscerals so it was very helpful for my situation. After 2 sessions I can eat quite normally again and my neck has more mobility. He takes the time and explains everything clearly. Thank you so much.

S. Sung

“I would recommend this place to everyone. I was diagnosed with TMJ disorder and locked jaw and could barely open my mouth, let alone eat much. After only 2 sessions with Mehrbod, I was able to open my mouth and eat again. It was the first time I began to feel hopeful in my condition. Not only did I see results, Mehrbod is an osteopath who genuinely cares about his patients and want to help them be pain free. He is very knowledgeable and hands-on in your healing journey and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!”

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15 minutes free consultation to learn more about Manual Osteopathy and how it can help you.
Three Osteopathy and BodyTalk combo session offered at Glow Acupuncture and Wellness center in Yaletown
Our practitioner

As an international graduate medical doctor, I have seen many people suffering from chronic pain back in my country during my practice and all I could offer was medicine. When I came to Canada and get familiar with manual osteopathy, I have realized that this art could be the solution so I chose to become a osteopathic manual practitioner as I believe that manual osteopathy do wonders.

Mehrbod Atshani
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
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”An osteopath is taught that nature is to be trusted to the end”
Dr. Andrew T Still
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    Here in Best Osteopathy we offer manual osteopathy treatments, cranial sacral therapy and wellness osteopathy.

    It depends on your EHP (Extended Health Plan) policies. At this time we don’t offer direct billing but at the end of sessions we give you a receipt that you could use it for reimbursements purposes.

    Note: As of November 21st 2022, I work with Canadalife assurance company.

    It depends on the severity of the situation and treatment goals and it will be discussed through the first session. In most cases this number varies between one to twenty sessions. In order to get optimal results client should use services twice a week. If you are using osteopathy for wellness purposes, the number of sessions are negotiable and could be tailored to address your need.

    Osteopathy is a hands-on practice so the assessment and treatment might require tissue mobilizations, stretching, or range of motion evaluation. In order to assess the affected areas, practitioner sometimes needs to expose the area with client’s consent. So wear a comfortable clothing like shorts & T shirts, tank, yoga pants would be beneficial.

    We book clients with at least 15 minutes gap in between in order to sanitize the room, table and equipments. Also we kindly ask the clients to wait in their vehicle and enter the premises just five minutes to their appointments.