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What is osteopathy
What is osteopathy?

Founded 150 years ago by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Osteopathy teaches us that body is a self-healing unit with a close correlation between structure and function and in order to recover functionality, one should fix structure. Osteopathic techniques enable body to recover itself in a natural way. It has been shown through research that osteopathy is the best option for chronic back pain. It will help you to reach your maximal range of motion, while enjoying a pain-free life.

We are encountering to hundreds of physical stressors on a daily basis and our body as a unit tries to adopt itself. During this process and if it persists for a long period of time, body might lose its natural alignment. An osteopath with a vast amount of knowledge about human anatomy and bio-mechanic tries to bring the body back to its natural positioning. Once it achieved body start healing process. Osteopathy believes that there is always a bodily component involved in a disease either as a contributing factor or a manifestation of the disease, so its focus is to adjust this component to help body to restore its natural healthy status.

It offer techniques for almost all part of the body from temporomandibular joint to phalangeal joints. While patients could benefit from osteopathy to live a pain-free life, others could use wellness osteopathy services in order to increase their stamina and vitality. It also could help athletes to increase their performance and prevent injuries. Through osteopathy, seniors could increase their range of motions and resolve chronic pain and by empowering muscles that prevent life threatening fractures.

Remember! You have the solution within, osteopathy help you reveal it.

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