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Mehrbod Atshani

Founder, Osteopathic Manual PractitioneR

Being enthusiastic to help others, started my journey to study medicine in my country about 18 years ago. After graduation, I packed my bags and went to the remote area and worked as an ER doctor. As a nature of my job, I have seen many people in pain and at the moment all I could do was prescribing medicine. But even at that time, I had the same feeling that there should be a missing link. Eager to help people with their addiction after getting my degree in rehabilitation I opened my own rehab clinic. During that period I have seen many patients with chronic pain that chose the wrong path. Desperate to deal with their pain, they used lots of opioids, narcotics and anti-inflammatory drugs and couldn’t find a way out of it. I was keep looking for a solution while I was in my country but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to find a proper one.

Years later, when I came to Canada, I have been introduced to Manual Osteopathy by chance. Desperate with my back pain, I pay a visit to an osteopath. His healing hands not only healed my back but also made me wonder that if this is the alternative solution. Studied about human physiology and anatomy and pathology years ago during my studies, osteopathic approach to these sciences was completely different. I have been attracted to its holistic approach that was completely new to me and I realized that osteopathy was the thing that I was missing in my practice. Seeing body as a healing unit is the key. I decided to pursuit this way to help others and started study manual osteopathy. The more I studied the more I believed in it.

 While people try different chemical manipulations or surgeries to bring their bodies to balance, they forget about their bodies’ ability to heal. We are here to help your body go back to its natural alignment and the body do the rest.  With a medical background and visiting thousands of patients back in my country, I am here to tell you by using manual osteopathy one could attain optimal health and reduce the need for surgery and drugs and help you live pain free. Osteopathy do wonders. Contact us or simply book an assessment session in any of our locations in Yaletown (glowellnesscenter) , New Westminster (nwmt) , Steveston Village (Momentum wellness) and Burnaby (Best Osteopathy) to see how we could help you out of pain.

While I am not working, I enjoy outdoor meditation. As a night-owl, I Love to read a book and sometimes write a poem. I never stopped being a night-thinker. I have been to 20 countries in 3 continents and 175 to go and my most precious collection is my travel pictures.

Alexandra Villemaire

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Always ready to lend a helping hand, Alexandra displays a passion for the wellbeing of others and holds an endless curiosity for the intricate inner workings of the human body. Throughout the healing journey of her clients as well as her own, it is apparent that the human body is capable of yielding incredible results in self-healing and self-regulation when given the right space, tools & knowledge.

She received her Osteopathic education (BSc. (Ost)) in 2017 (CEO-Montreal) and furthered her skill set with the ” Osteopathic Mechanical Link ” and “Concussions & Whiplash ” (Spasme 1) techniques. The Reiki Master Teacher curriculum (Clairvida Learning) was completed in 2020. 6 years, and counting, of practice in the Montreal region has earned her the nickname Doigts de Fée.

Alexandra offers a unique holistic approach combining energy healing & osteopathy for an in-depth and powerful healing experience. A number of clients have consulted for a wide range of ailments, from chronic back pains, recuperation after major accidents & interventions, to maintenance for peak performance.

In daily life, she dabbles in different arts & crafts such as detailed pencil artwork, watercolors & cute digital images. For future holistic endeavors, the continuous effort in diverse social media projects (AVwellness) has yielded a growing community and has created accessible healing for anyone looking to further their wellbeing & spirituality in a space of empowerment & compassion.

Kitae Kim

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Kitae obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Korea in 2014. In July 2018, he moved to Vancouver. Since arriving, he has completed his Diploma in Osteopathy from the National Academy of Osteopathy as well as his Acupuncture degree at Central College in New Westminster. During training in Osteopathy, Kitae has had the privilege of receiving additional training by Mehrbod who is the founder of Best Osteopathy and he decided to join the team. Kitae has developed his skills in structure concept of osteopathy along with human anatomy basis  through this training.

As a Physiotherapist in South Korea, he worked at the neuro-rehabilitation hospital, Bobath Memorial Hospital. He treated patients who suffered from Brain injuries such as Stroke, Parkinson, Dementia as well as Spinal Cord Injury. He earned his certification of Bobath Basic Course by IBITA (Korean Bobath Association) and treated various neurologic conditions for many years. During this time, Kitae learned how crucial postural alignment with balance is during the human movement.

He is passionate and uses hands on treatment that have an affect on the recovery of the body cycle and boost the homeostasis of the human body in perspective of Osteopathy. Kitae strongly believes that human body structure governs functional movement. He is bringing his knowledge and experience to the table with an osteopathic approach to serve the patients in a better way.

Kitae now resides in the lower mainland with his lovely wife and son. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and watching baseball games and spending time with family.

Negin Derakhshan

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Negin graduated from the Medical University in Iran with an MD. She managed her own clinic in Iran, helping patients with pain and orthopedic concerns. She also holds a post-graduate diploma in Laser Therapy, which she used in her pain clinic before moving to Canada. Her passion for holistic and patient-centered care led her to pursue further specialization in pain management.

In Canada, Negin obtained certification in Laser Therapy for Pain Management and Laser Safety from the COL Center. She also graduated from NAO as a DOMP and from NUMSS a Doctor of Manual Osteopathy Practitioner.

Negin believes that manual osteopathy  is a complementary asset to overall wellness. Her expertise in manual osteopathy, and with help of her extensive medical knowledge, allows her to provide a unique and integrative approach to tackle the problem, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of her patients’ health.