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Osteopathy and acute respiratory symptoms

Shows some pathology in lung due to COVID-19

        While we are struggling with COVID-19, It worth to remember that the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1917 killed 500,000 people in the United States and over 50 million worldwide. Statistics showed that about 6% of people who have contracted Spanish flu died of the disease. Surprisingly there is a study in the same period of time showed that only 0.25% of people that had been treated with osteopathic manual therapy techniques died of the disease which shows those who had been treated with Osteopathic manual therapy were 25 times more likely to survive than those treated by conventional means available at the time being alone. Manual osteopathic techniques helped individual rocover from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) caused by notorious spanish flu. Before the invention of ventilators that helps people suffering from ARDS to recover, Osteopathic manual therapy techniques successfully provided similar breathing support with a great success rate.

       Osteopathy helps individuals to improve their innate immunity status. Improving the circulation enables immune system to reach the site of infection easily and by regulating the nervous system helps patient to have better response to the virus. Studies show that thoracic inlet techniques in addition to diaphragmatic releases and visceral mobilization especially liver and spleen have a prominent role in treating patients with acute respiratory syndrome. Simple non-invasive techniques like releasing the respiratory diaphragm has an important role to help patients suffering from respiratory symptoms. 

       During the recent pandemic of COVID-19 as we are experiencing the same situation as we have been through in the last pandemic and our hospitals are filled with critical patients and health personnel overwhelmed with the rising number of cases on a daily basis while there is no effective cure or preventive matter offered by conventional medicine, osteopathy with it’s holistic approach showed that it could be a game changer by saving lives and helping individuals recover from the long-lasting side-effects of the disease or as a part of preventive precautionary matter.

       Applying some simple techniques could be a lifesaver especially for some immune-sufficient patients. While conventional treatment is recommended for serious cases, don’t forget this fact that your body has this innate ability to heal itself. Take advantage of this miraculous ability to reach and maintain a healthy status.

Certificate of participation in the AOA workshop for using manual osteopathic techniques addressing respiratory symptoms of COVID-19



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