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Osteopathy in Brentwood Burnaby

This is a picture of the venue in the Amazing Brentwood Burnaby Location.

In the heart of Brentwood Burnaby and at the third floor of Amazaing Brentwood mall, there is a high end gym and different wellness practices under one roof. Considering the growing population of the area and growing need for manual Osteopathy, we decided to offer osteopathy services in the amazing Brentwood mall. At the third floor of the Grand lobby of the Amazing Brentwood mall, there is a gym called EVOLVE STRENGTH BRENTWOOD. We choose this gym as the new home for Best Osteopathy. Serving Brentwood and Burnaby Community by offering Osteopathy services, Cold Laser, Reiki, Shiatsu and Swedish massage. Pasquale Fiore (santefiore) and Mehrbod Atshani are the two osteopathic manual practitioner that would be offering services in the newe venue. Osteopathy teaches us the body is a self-healing unit with a close correlation between structure and function and in order to recover functionality, one should fix structure. Osteopathy techniques enable the body to heal itself in a natural way. We use a combination of techniques that allow your body to regain its natural alignment to start the healing process. We offer a variety of manual osteopathy services from structural Osteopathy for acute and chronic pain relief to cranial osteopathy, visceral manipulations and paediatric sessions. Cranial osteopathy and Osteopathic Wellness sessions can also be used as a preventive measure to keep you pain free and enjoying life. Come visit us in Evolve Strength Brentwood on 3105 – 1920 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5C 0K3. If you need any information contact us or Book yourself an appointment in the Brentwood venue (Brentwood).