Canadalife Coverage

Picture contains Canadalife assurance company and best osteopathy logos.

Canadalife assurance company covers our practitioner’s services. As of November 21st 2022, Canadalife registered our practitioner as an eligible osteopathic practitioner. As a result our practitioner can provide osteopathic services for canadalife clients. If you are insured by them and have osteopathy coverage you could use our services on a claim basis. For the patients that had their sessions after November 21st 2022, I would kindly ask you to resubmit your claims to canadalife in order to get reimbursed.

As some of you already know, Manual Osteopathy is not a regulated profession. As a result we have to join different associations. These associations negotiate with different insurance companies separately in order to get covered. This is a time consuming process. Everyday more insurance companies recognize osteopathy services. We try our best to get maximum coverage from insurance companies for our patients. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or simply book a session in any of our locations in Yaletown (glowellnesscenter), New Westminster (nwmt) or Steveston Village Richmond (Momentum Wellness Centre). Thank you for your patience and support. We always try to find better ways to serve you.

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