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BodyTalk and Osteopathy combo session

Offering the osteopathy and BodyTalk combo session


As an osteopathic manual practitioner and during the sessions, I had moments that I thought, regardless of approach, the body is not ready to let it go. Looking for ways to help people in pain, I came across to this amazing state of art modality, BodyTalk. It is a holistic, non-invasive approach providing insight into the areas of our body that need attention. Using a verity of techniques by improving intercellular communication, BodyTalk invokes our body’s own inherent healing powers.

Thinking of this, I realized BodyTalk might be the key. Instead of adjusting based on my assessment and intuition, what if we could listen to our body. Every symptom has a story and our body is talking. Acknowledging these stories are crucial for healing. I believe combining BodyTalk and Osteopathic approach would be the key for lots of problems.

I have this wonderful colleague of mine, Jasmine Hong, Acupuncturist and certified BodyTalk practitioner in Glow Acupuncture and Wellness center and we are offering Osteopathy and BodyTalk combo sessions. You will get a two session with reasonable gap between them upon availability and Jasmine and I share the findings together as a team to find the best approach to solve the problem.

 Winter 2022 special:


Osteopathy plus BodyTalk combo session for $230* (20% off)

Package of three combo sessions: $690*

This special ends on February 11th 2022

 *Applicable taxes would be added to the price

If you need more information you could contact Mehrbod or Jasmine.

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